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Treatments General

Hair Removal: The Hair Facts

From hi-tech products and procedures such as laser or IPL, to more common solutions like shaving or tweezing, we provide easy to understand information on all the popular methods of removing unwanted hair. We research different treatments and provide this information free of charge on our website.

If you're looking for a specific method, or are unsure and need some guidance, then we can help you. From laser and electrolysis to our sugaring and shaving sections, use this website to find out which method is right for you and where you can get professional help.

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The most popular forms of permanent treatment are:

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What methods are available?

There are many methods on the market, and choosing the right one can be difficult. Factors such as cost, convenience and degree of permanence, should be considered when deciding which method is right for you and your body.
Hair removal for both men and women, with popular techniques such as laser, waxing and shaving
The majority of methods are short term; that is they typically last between a few hours and a few weeks. These methods rely on either removing hairs level with the skin's surface or pulling the entire hair from the follicle. Examples include shaving, waxing and tweezing.
Typically, long term methods are performed by professionals and last between a few weeks and a few months. It is possible that continuous use of these methods, such as lasers, flash lamps and creams, can give very long lasting, if not permanent, success.
Laser, electrolysis or flash lamp, are permanent removal methods that are performed by professionals. These methods typically last between a few months and a year. Although it is possible to get completely permanent results it should not be taken for granted.
Depilatories is the generic name for the methods to remove hair from above the skin. These methods include friction, shaving and creams.
Epilatories is the generic name for the methods that pull entire hairs from their follicles. These methods include rotary epilators, sugaring, threading, tweezing and waxing.

What methods are right for me?

Depending on whether you are male or female, the colour of your hair or your skin type, there are a range of methods to suit your needs.
In many societies it is common for women to remove some or all of their body hair. From laser removal to Brazilian waxing, find out which methods are most appropriate for the various parts of the female body.
The most common areas for males to remove unwanted hair from are their heads and faces through shaving, however many men also ged rid of it from their chests, legs and backs. Find out which methods are most appropriate for various parts of the male body.
Some methods such as laser, work better for particular colours of hair. Find out which methods are most appropriate for various hair types and colours.
Some methods are not appropriate for certain types of skin, such as shaving, electrolysis and lasers. Find out which methods are most appropriate for various skin types. is an independent source of information on methods of hair removal. The information in this website has been researched and provided here to help our visitors make better informed decisions. If you find our website useful then please let us know, and inform us of any experiences that you have using related products and services, with your:
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