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About Us

Read more about, what we do and why we do it.

Our Reasons

The Hair Facts was established as a result of the 2 founder members experience in trying to find impartial information on hair removal products and services. They soon discovered that many web sites that provided so-called independent information were actually associated with product manufacturers or suppliers, and that many other web sites provided misleading, confusing or contradictory information. We learnt that there were many other people in the same situation as ourselves and it was at that point that we decided to do something about it. This web site was launched in March 2007 as a result of our experience.

Our Mission

The Hair Facts' mission is to provide clear, impartial advice to our readers to enable them to make informed decisions on choosing the most appropriate method for themselves. We have undertaken many hours of work to create this web site with information from many sources to assist in our mission. The information on our web site is arranged primarily by the different methods, for example, laser and electrolysis; however, we have also provided an alternative structure in the main content area which is based on factors such as, longevity (e.g. permanent, short term), hair colour, sex, and skin type, as we realise that some customers will require more assistance in choosing the most appropriate method. We intend to keep up with the latest methods and the most effective treatments. We also will be looking in to some of the more dubious claims made by some hair removal product companies, to prevent our readers from being misled.

There are many reasons why readers will find our site useful if they are searching for information on hair removal methods. Their reasons may be for fashion, cleanliness, cultural factors, confidence, vanity or self-esteem. Whichever it is, we aim to have the necessary information to help. In doing this we hope to establish a high level of trust from our readers and be recognised as a leading source of information on removing hair.

Advertising Opportunities

In order to achieve our mission we need to be self sufficient. Running a web site and providing this information has associated costs. It is for this reason that we need to generate revenue to enable us to succeed. Therefore we will provide and encourage advertising and sponsorship deals from other related businesses to enable us to continue to fulfil our mission. We will be very careful in vetting potential advertisers and sponsors to ensure that the information, products or services they provide are appropriate for our readers. We will only accept advertising and sponsorship from businesses that are related to hair removal. Further, we will refuse or remove any advertisement or sponsorship that we believe contradicts our mission.

Reader Reviews

We also encourage our readers to provide feedback on our web site and on the products they have used or encountered. This feedback will be used to provide richer content for our readers and may result in the web site being updated to reflect the changing needs and views of our readers. Our impartial advice and research, along with reader reviews and feedback, will form the bedrock of our web site.

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