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Depilatory Hair Removers

Depilatories are the generic name for methods that remove hairs from above the skin's surface. All depilators provide short term results, typically lasting from a few hours to a few days. There are 4 main types of depilatories on the market, these are:

Different depilator hair remover methods
There are many creams on the market that can be used for removing hair. They come in a variety of forms, such as gels, lotions and aerosols. In all cases the cream works by reacting with the hair's protein structure causing it to dissolve. The type of cream required will depend on the area being treated. Some creams are better at dissolving course hairs, and others are less harsh to the more sensitive areas of the skin. Therefore ensure that you choose a cream that is right for the area of the body being treated.

The majority of patients will not experience any pain using this treatment; however, some patients may be allergic to the various chemicals, such as the active ingredient calcium thioglycolate, used in these creams.
There are 2 main types of electric shaver, these being foil and rotary. The foil design uses a set of layered metal bands that partially pull out hairs before cutting them, allowing the remainder of the hair to retract below the skin. The rotary design has a circular blade structure, usually 3 in a triangular formation which work in a similar manner to the foil design.

When looking at a range of shavers from the same manufacturer, you will find that you often get the same quality of shave as they share many common parts. The difference in price is due to the additional features and overall quality of finish. Modern shavers allow you to use a shaving cream to soften the shave. They are most commonly used on facial hair or as moustache and beard trimmers.
This method uses a special stone or rough surfaced hand mitten to remove hair. The user will gently rub the stone or mitten over the unwanted hair until it has been worn away. This action also gently exfoliates the skin, which provides the skin with a healthier appearance. There are different types of friction mitten available for different areas of the body. Less abrasive mittens are available for areas such as the face. An advantage of this method over others is that when hairs regrow they have a much softer texture than hair that has been cut using a shaver.
Razor shaving is by far the most common hair removal method. A sharp metal blade cuts the hair off at the skin's surface. Some razors claim to pull the hairs and then cut, reducing the shadow effects experienced by some people. The safety razor is the most common type of razor. This has 1 or more blades that are angled to a degree that reduces the chance of skin cuts. The other type of razor that was more common in the 20th century is the cut-throat razor. This razor has no safety guard and requires dedication to master its technique. All razors are usually used with shaving creams or gels to improve the results. They can be used on most part of body, from trimming beards to shaving legs or heads.
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