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Frequently Asked Questions

rotary epilator FAQs

Here are some of your frequently asked questions that relate to body hair removal with rotary epilators for both men and women:

How do they work?

These products are similar in appearance and function to electric shavers, except that they remove body hairs by pulling them out of the follicle rather than cutting them off with a blade at the skin's surface. The effects are therefore longer term than the results generated by using razors.

There are some areas of the body that rotary epilators are not appropriate for, such as on sensitive areas like the bikini line and face, and on fine hairs.

How do I use a rotary epilator?

For the best results, the hair to be treated has to be long enough for the epilator's tweezers to be able to grasp and pull them out. To aid in this procedure, the skin should also be pulled taut to avoid the tweezers pinching it.

As with many epilation treatments, having a warm bath prior to the treatment session will assist in the process as it will soften the body hair and open the follicles. Generally, the better quality rotary epilators will cause less pain; some even assist by dulling the pain.

To reduce any skin irritation after the session, it is advisable to apply a cool, moisturising lotion to the treated body area. Treatments can be repeated just as soon as the hairs grow back to a suitable length for use with the epilator again.

What type of body hairs are they good for?

Rotary epilators are good for use on normal to course hair. Some patients find it difficult to remove fine hair as the epilator's tweezers have difficulty grabbing them.

Are there any side effects?

Some patients will find a rotary epilator too painful to use. If you can put up with the pain at first it will eventually get less painful the more it is used. This is because the hair follicles get weaker the more they are plucked.

Users have also been known to experience ingrown hairs, which can look unsightly. This is often as a result of using the device on sensitive regions such as the bikini line.

If you have had a disaster or accident with hair removal then find out what you can do to set things right.

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