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Frequently Asked Questions


Long term hair removal methods

The results from long term methods typically last between a few weeks and a few months. The equipment required is usually quite expensive and the treatments are typically performed by professionals. The main types are:

Long term hairremoval techniques
This method uses electricity to damage the hair follicle. A very fine metal probe is inserted into the follicle and a small electrical charge is emitted. If the insertion is done properly it will not puncture the skin. This method is very time consuming and therefore expensive if undertaken by a professional. Home kits can be purchased but extreme care must be taken not to damage the skin and cause infection.
Light is emitted from a hand-held device onto the skin. The light targets dark hairs, causing thermal and mechanical damage to the follicles. This method is very similar to lazer hair removal but with 2 main differences: flashlamps emit every wavelength of light in the visible spectrum whereas a lazer emits only 1 wavelength; and the flashlamp's beam is usually larger than a lazer's so it can treat larger areas of the body more quickly. This method is also referred to as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light).
With this method lazer light is emitted from a hand device on to the skin. The hair heats up causing its follicle to go into a resting phase. Patients with dark hair and pale skin will benefit the most from these treatments. There are lotions that can be applied to the skin to improve the performance of the lazer. A short series of sessions will first be required over a few months, and then progressively fewer from then on. Although some patients will experience permanent results, many will need continuous treatment on yearly intervals. The lazer hair removal method is expensive as it is necessary to be performed by trained professionals.
Oral medications work on 3 levels: first by reducing the production of androgens (e.g. testosterone); secondly by binding to the cell's androgen receptors; and thirdly, reducing the conversion of androgens to hair follicle stimulating chemicals (i.e. Dihydrotestosterone - DHT).

As with any form of medication, there can be side effects. Some patients have reported diuretic symptoms, breast enlargement, increased libido (decreased in men), and foetus abnormalities. These medications might be available on the internet but extreme caution is advised as there are many counterfeit products. Before taking any medication you should consult your doctor.

Other hair removal methods

Short term: (these methods typically last from a few hours to a few weeks)

Permanent: (these methods typically last from a few months to 1 or more years)

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