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Electrolysis: how to reduce the pain

A smooth and glowing skin can be a huge boost for your confidence and can make a remarkable change in your body language. Our hunger for better looking skin is eternal in nature and that drives the constant research for the perfect method of hair removal.

Finally after years of study, electrolysis has emerged as a perfect solution for hair removal. This is the only 100% permanent solution and has no long term side effects. Many other methods (such as IPL) claim to be permanent but it is better that they are considered as being 'long term' solutions.

To understand electrolysis as a hair removal technique better we must understand the basic science of hair growth. Hair growth can be driven by heredity and hormonal levels (perhaps due to pregnancy) and that makes it quite unpredictable. Hair growth can also increased as a result of using some drugs and medicines.

Electrolysis aims to remove hair by destroying the follicle using electrical and heat energy. A fine probe is inserted into the skin alongside the hair which is to be removed. Once the probe has been inserted into the follicle, a small electrical change is emitted. This electrical charge causes the follicle to heat up which destroys it. Once the follicle is dead the hair will fall out or can be pulled out, never to return again.

Electrolysis is preferred over other methods of hair removal, like laser treatment or shaving, for one sole reason: it is extremely results-oriented as it removes hair permanently which the other methods cannot guarantee.

However, some may consider electrolysis to be too painful. This is due to the electrical charge being sent into the follicle causing it to heat up. There are many options available over the counter that can help reduce this pain. For example, there are various pain relieving creams available and many of them are helpful in reducing the pain to various degrees. The pain that is experienced during electrolysis is minimized on the application of the pain reducing cream. Usually the 'numbing' lasts for some time and as a result the entire process appears to be painless. Depending on your pain threshold, you may want to try electrolysis without the cream and then add it if you find it too uncomfortable.

The cream is a topical anaesthetic cream which has high percentage of Lidocaine and Prilocaine, which are known to reduce pain. The topical nature makes it safe because the person undergoing the treatment is not devoid of their other senses. However, the great advantage is that the cream does not interfere with the skin's elasticity.

These creams are not just for electrolysis hair removal as they have many applications. They are also used for other hair removing techniques such as laser treatments, waxing, and other cosmetic surgeries and tattooing. Naturally the cream has huge popularity amidst professionals practicing the skin treatments that involve painful processes for it is one of the most effective methods of transforming the painful beautification processes into a pleasurable journey.

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