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Shaving Lubricants

The preparation taken and the equipment used are the most important aspects when it comes to a perfect shave. The shaving lubricant is one of the most important things to ensure a good shave. The choices available are varied, such as shaving cream, gel, foam, soap or oil.

Many people are confused about which is the best one among them. The main use of any lubricant is to assist the razor to glide in a smooth manner over the face. The chances of a razor burn, a cut or a nick are less if a shaving lubricant is used. The skin is also protected by the lubricant as it typically moisturises the skin at the same time as softening the hairs. The texture and the quality is the key while choosing any shaver lubricant. Whatever lubricant you decide on, just make sure that it is compatible with your preferred method of shaving - razor or electric shaver.

One of the most convenient lubricants that you can use is a shaving foam. It is very easy to apply and dispense. However, you need to pay more to get a good quality foam. Some of the cheaper varieties can cause the skin to dry and can also clog the razor. This makes shaving more difficult than it needs to be. So if you want to use foam make sure you get a high quality product and avoid the cheaper varieties. You should be able to have a great shave if the right product is chosen. Also, make sure that the pressurized can is safe for the environment.

Shaving creams are generally non-alcohol based and their make-up is mostly of glycerine soap. This makes it a great choice as it not only softens the hair but it also protects the skin. The cream can be applied using a shaving brush or applied direct to the skin. These creams help retain the moisture in the skin and are good for most skin types. Furthermore, there are no harsh chemicals which make them easy on the skin and they leave the skin smooth, soft and pampered. You are likely to experience much less irritation than other methods as well as get a really close shave. Shaving cream can be more time consuming to use than other lubricants but it is worth it.

The shaving gel is a newer introduction in the market and is also very convenient. This lubricant comes in the form of a gel and after rubbing forms lather. Some lathers remain clear which makes it easier to see where the razor is gliding. Again, as with foams, the cheaper varieties can cause the skin to dry out. Therefore go for the best quality that you can afford. There are some shave gels come in bottles rather than cans and are excellent for the skin as they contain moisturisers. It is important to choose a gel carefully to ensure that it has the right ingredients and the right properties for the type of shaving one intends to perform.

A facial soap of a good quality can also be used for shaving. This can also be a very effective method and good for the skin as long as you choose one that doesn't contain alcohol. The important thing to remember is that a good quality lubricant - whether it's a shaving cream, gel, foam or soap - is a sure way of helping to reduce burns, nicks and cuts.

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