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Frequently Asked Questions

Rotary epilators

Small electrical products that consist of a row of tweezers that pull hairs out by their roots; a process known as epilation. Rotary epilators are particularly good for removing hair from legs and arms.


Photograph of rotary epilators
  • A speedy and effective treatment.
  • Can be performed at your home.
  • Long-term hair removal: the results from using these products will last for a few weeks.
  • Good for both the legs and the arms.


  • The plucking action of the devices can be painful.
  • Ingrown hairs are sometimes a product of using an epilator.
  • Rotary epilators can cause skin irritation.
  • The effects are reduced on fine hairs.
  • These products are not recommended for removing large areas of hair, such as on the chest and back.
  • Some areas of the body are difficult to treat by yourself.
  • Hairs must be grown long enough for the device to be able to grasp.


These products are similar in appearance and function to electric razors, except that they remove hairs by pulling them out of the follicle rather than cutting them off with a blade at the skin's surface. The effects are therefore longer term than the results generated by using razors. There are some areas of the body that rotary epilators are not appropriate for, such as on sensitive areas like the bikini line and face, and on fine hairs.

For the best results, the hair to be treated has to be long enough for the epilator's tweezers to be able to grasp and pull them out. To aid in this procedure, the skin should also be pulled taut to avoid the tweezers pinching the skin.


Like many epilation treatments, having a warm bath prior to the treatment session will assist in the removal process as it will soften the hair and open the follicles. Generally, the better quality rotary epilators will cause less pain; some even assist by dulling the pain. The results from rotary epilator products can last from several days to a few weeks.

To reduce any skin irritation after treatment it is advisable to apply a cool, moisturising lotion to the treated area. Treatments can be repeated just as soon as the hair grows back to a suitable length for use of the rotary device again.

If you use a rotary epilator on more sensitive areas such as the bikini line or under the arms, it is recommended that you exfoliate the area (remove the dead skin cells) beforehand to prevent ingrown hairs.

Different brands

There are a number of different brands on the market. This section briefly describes some of the main competitors in the market.

Braun: Their hair removal product range is found to be durable, easy to use, quite fast, stylish and also fairly good value for money.

Philips: This is a well known brand that sells a whole magnitude of quality electronic equipment. They are known for amongst other things their shaving equipment and rotary epilators.

Rio: The Rio Beauty brand is known for manufacturing products in the beauty industry. Typically their hair products are known to be easy to use and durable.

It is very difficult to recommend one brand over another. The best bet is to try them out for yourself. If you're lucky you might find a 30-day money back guarantee offer.


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