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Frequently Asked Questions

Threading hair removal

This method is a commonly used to treat facial hair and is particularly suited to shaping eyebrows. It uses a cotton thread which is twisted and pulled over the unwanted hairs. This action lifts hair directly from the follicle and only a slight pinch is felt as the hairs are removed.


Picture of threading treatment
  • Inexpensive: a relatively cheap form of hair removal due to its basic nature and use of naturally-occurring materials.
  • Fast: experienced practitioners can treat small areas of unwanted hair very quickly.
  • Precise: individual hairs can be treated when required, making it ideal for eyebrow shaping.
  • No skin damage and infection: threading is suitable for all skin types.
  • Ease of use: can be performed both at home and at professional boutiques and salons.
  • Longevity: results will last for a few weeks.


  • Painful: due to the tugging action of the cotton thread, treatment can be painful on sensitive areas of the face such as the upper lip.
  • Skin irritation: the potential exists for irritating the skin when pulling hairs directly from their follicles.
  • Some areas are difficult to do yourself.
  • Not suitable for large areas of the body.


Due to its simple methodology and use of easily-obtainable materials, threading is popular and has been practiced for many centuries in China, India, Egypt (called fatlah) and the Middle East (called khite). It is an inexpensive, quick and effective technique. It removes facial hair speedily and effectively without damaging the skin.

Threading is natural, involves no creams or pastes, and is ideal for any type of skin. The technique is becoming popular and fashionable within the beauty industry.


Threading is ideally suited for removing facial hair such as on the upper lip, eyebrows, chin or on the side of the face. It is very precise and is ideal for forming perfect eyebrow shapes. Normally only 1 treatment is required and is typically good for a few weeks (the re-growth period depends on the individual). After a successful first treatment, repeated sessions can simply be undertaken without fear of any side-effects.

Step-by-step guide

Here is a quick guide to explain how to perform threading for the first time.

  1. Take around 2 feet (600 mm) of thread. You can use any good quality strong cotton.
  2. Tie the 2 ends together to make a circle.
  3. Now you need to make a figure-of-eight. Where the thread crosses you need to twist it around that point until you have done so 10 times. The wound section is now in the centre of the figure-of-eight.
  4. Now practice: put your hands through the 2 open ends then open your fingers of one hand and close the other hand causing a see-saw type effect. As you do this you'll see the wound section work its way along the thread. When you have done one hand you repeat it with the other hand (i.e. close the open hand and open the closed one). It is this motion that traps the hair allowing it to be grabbed and pulled out.
  5. Now you need to practice somewhere. You can try it on your stomach or legs. As you pull the thread along your skin you can vary how much each hand is opened or closed. This movement will grab the hairs as you go. Get the technique right before attending to your eyebrow shapes or the removal of other facial hair.


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