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Frequently Asked Questions


Tweezers are small metal forceps that are used to manually pull hairs out of the follicle. If there is a large area of relatively dense hair, several hairs can be extracted at the same time.


Photo of different types of tweezers
  • Inexpensive: tweezers are a very affordable way to remove hair.
  • Fast and simple: making it an ideal 'do-it-yourself' method.
  • Excellent method for shaping eyebrows and facial hair removal.
  • Can be performed at home: making tweezing highly convenient for most people.
  • Small and portable: can be taken on your travels and performed almost anywhere, any time.
  • Easily available: can be purchased at most pharmacies.


  • Can be painful on sensitive areas.
  • Difficult for large areas of the body.
  • May cause in-growing hairs.
  • May cause pitting or scarring of the skin.
  • Requires use of a mirror to remove facial hair and shape eyebrows.
  • Some areas of the body are difficult to do yourself.
  • Not recommended for nose hairs as it can cause severe eye watering.


Tweezing has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most basic hair removal methods. It is used extensively worldwide and is especially popular for creating fashionable eyebrow shapes, treating facial hair and cleaning bikini lines.

It is recommended to invest a little more on purchasing a pair of high quality tweezers with well-aligned arms and smooth, sharp pinching edges that are flush when pressed together. Poor quality sets are often poorly aligned and can have pitted faces and pinching edges, which significantly reduces their effectiveness and slows down the process. Cheap tweezers may also be made from low quality, soft metal alloys that quickly blunt, making them difficult to use.


Hairs removed using tweezers will generally take between 4 and 6 weeks to reappear. To perform tweezing effectively the hair should be brushed in the direction of its growth. Once the hair has been grasped by the tweezers it should be pulled smoothly and gently in the direction of its growth. To reduce discomfort it is advisable to heat the area of hair with a warm flannel which helps to open the skin pores.

Tweezers must be disinfected with alcohol after use and stored in a place that protects them from damage. Dropping the tweezers may knock the arms out of alignment reducing the effectiveness of the their clamping ability.

Step-by-step guide

Here is a simple guide to get the most from your tweezing treatment.

  1. Apply an anti-bacterial soothing lotion and wipe the area that you intend to tweeze.
  2. Clean the tweezers to make sure that there is no bacteria or dirt present.
  3. Pull the skin taut in the area that you want to remove the hair. Pulling the skin taut helps to raise the hairs making them easier to grip.
  4. Firmly tug the hair with the tweezers to make sure you have the right one and then quickly pull it out. Try and grab only one hair at a time in order to prevent any redness or swelling to the area. Also pull the hair in the direction of its growth to reduce irritation and pain.
  5. Repeat these steps until you have finished.
  6. Wipe the tweezers each time on a dry clean cloth. This will prevent any dirt or bacteria from building up and causing an infection. If they have got wet then dry them thoroughly before storing them to prevent rusting.


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